Victory Trials

Experience and explore some of our trial sites located centrally in Saskatchewan, and see for yourself what our 2021 VICTORY lineup has to offer.

Plot Types

Research Strip Trials or RSTs - These mid-sized replicated trials (15’ x 50’) are managed by Cargill’s Field Trial Research Team at our research sites across Western Canada. They are conducted in a controlled environment to minimize variables, which allows hybrids to express their characteristics without some of the constraints encountered in field production – for example: field variability, fertility, weed, disease and insect pressure, etc. These trials have yield data generated from them and VICTORY hybrids are compared to widely grown commodity hybrids. Due to the smaller size than VPTs, we are able to test new generation hybrids earlier than in VPTs.

Demonstration Site or Demo Site – Demo Sites are developed to showcase new and existing hybrids in key locations but are for demonstration purposes only, and as a result, will not go to yield. We are sharing progress for visual purpose only.

VICTORY Performance Trials or VPTs – VPTs produce statistically valid yield data on farmer managed, field-scale size trials. VPTs are designed to test varieties using the grower’s normal canola management practices. Each site has two or three VICTORY hybrids and one to two leading industry checks. Each variety is replicated two times to reduce and help better understand the impact of field variability on hybrid performance.

For the first year of the Your VICTORY View site we are using select RST and Demo sites only, and we hope to expand this experience in future years to include our Cargill Specialty Canola Program farmer-managed VPTs across Western Canada.

Cargill Specialty Canola Program

Congratulations to this year’s five lucky VICTORY Summer Tour Contest winners.
Check back soon for details on the 2021 Summer Tour Contest for another chance to win.

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