Disease Resistance

Protect your profits two ways—with your choice of VICTORY® hybrids offering industry-leading polygenic blackleg resistance and clubroot resistance.

Protect Your Profits

Polygenic Blackleg Resistance

Blackleg Resistant

When it comes to minimizing blackleg risk, it pays to choose the right canola hybrids. All of our VICTORY® hybrids come equipped with a durable, season-long polygenic blackleg resistance package, with combinations of major and minor genes, providing protection at every growth stage from seedling to adult.

  • With an added Rlm2 gene in our TruFlex™ hybrids, you can rest assured that your yields and profits will be protected against blackleg pressure.


Major gene resistance protects your crops at the seedling stage, but that's not enough. Fortunately, polygenic resistance contains both major and minor genes, providing blackleg protection throughout every stage of their growth – all the way from seedling to adult plant. Even under high disease pressure, our VICTORY® Hybrids give you the highest level of yield protection and control.

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  • Clubroot Resistance

    Don’t let clubroot rob your crop of vital nutrients or your business of critical profits. VICTORY® delivers clubroot resistance1, so you can grow with confidence knowing your profits are protected.

    The VICTORY® lineup gives you options, offering clubroot resistance to the most common clubroot pathotypes1, in three high-performing hybrids. Choosing a clubroot resistant hybrid is one component of a smart clubroot management plan – which should also include equipment sanitation and field rotations. To learn more about best practices for managing clubroot on your farm, visit clubroot.ca

    Download the clubroot sell sheet

1 VICTORY® V14-1, V25-3T and V25-5T were developed to be resistant to the predominant clubroot pathotypes identified in Western Canada. However in a commercial field environment there is potential for clubroot populations to exist or develop pathotypes of clubroot to which VICTORY® V14-1, V25-3T and V25-5T (and other clubroot-resistant canola varieties with similar resistance profiles) may be susceptible. Please follow integrated pest-management strategies to maximize the durability of genetic resistance in canola varieties. For detailed information on these strategies visit www.clubroot.ca