More Ways to Win

Since 1995, Canadian farmers like you have put their trust in the Cargill Specialty Canola Program - now the Victory Canola Program.

While our name has changed, our commitment to delivering high-yielding hybrids, best-in-class disease resistance, competitive premiums over commodity, and risk-free pricing remains as strong as ever. Because you deserve stability, peace of mind, and a simpler way to achieve more profits from every bushel. And we're here to help you have it all.

Thank you for choosing the Victory Canola Program. We're excited to grow together this season.

Simplify Your Business

Most producers want higher yields, less financial stress, and greater peace of mind. It's a tall order, but you can have it all - in just five easy steps:

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Pick your variety and delivery period

Choose your hybrids to get the agronomic benefits you prefer. Then, pick a delivery period, each with a valuable premium.

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Grow your Crop

Grow a winning crop of VICTORY® or InVigor® Health canola. Our fixed tonnage is set at 35 bushels/acre. Keep your eyes on the market – we offer a risk-free* price hedge and no-fee Futures First contract to our Cargill Specialty Canola producers. Cargill’s experts will also be here to support you throughout the season.

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Send in your harvest sample

Submit a harvest sample from each of your Cargill Specialty Canola bins. We’ll test your grain to ensure it meets our oil customers’ quality standards.

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Receive on-farm pickup of your canola from Cargill

When your delivery period approaches, one of our select carriers will contact you to schedule the pickup. Our Full Load Last Load will help simplify your planning, helping you get more grain out the door at the end of the day.

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Cash your Premium Cheque

Our premium price will contribute to your bottom line, and the high-oleic canola oil you grew will contribute to the health of consumers around the world.
Ready to join a team of growers taking performance to new levels? Sign up early
to earn a bonus and an instant seed discount – check with your representative to see if you qualify.

*Contract terms apply.

Earn Higher Returns

Bigger yields mean more money in your pocket, and we are proud to bring you high-yielding specialty hybrids that can compete with commodity canola. In our 2021 VICTORY® Performance Trials, our VICTORY® V25-3T hybrid delivered an average gross return per acre of $56 over commodity checks while our V25-5T delivered a gross return per acre of $38 over commodity checks.

Both varieties provide industry-leading polygenic blackleg and clubroot protection to safeguard your production and give you greater peace of mind. Plus, you'll be part of a supply chain that proudly brings healthy oils to's a sense of satisfaction that can't be measured in performance trials alone.

Join the Winning Team

When you choose our VICTORY® TruFlexhybrids or the new InVigor® Health L359HPC hybrid over commodity canola, our competitive premiums can help you achieve higher profitability.

Get risk-free pricing* so you're covered in the event of adverse environmental conditions, and earn extra value from our early sign-up incentive and instant seed discounts. You also have the freedom to pick the best delivery period for your business, so you can balance cash flow needs or target an attractive price. And of course, all of these benefits are backed by the Victory Canola Program, trusted by growers across the Prairies for more than 25 years.

* Contract terms apply

VICTORY® V25-3T and V25-5T were developed to be resistant to the predominant clubroot pathotypes identified in Western Canada. However in a commercial field environment there is potential for clubroot populations to exist or develop pathotypes of clubroot to which VICTORY V25-3T and V25-5T (and other clubroot-resistant canola varieties with similar resistance profiles) may be susceptible. Please follow integrated pest-management strategies to maximize the durability of genetic resistance in canola varieties. For detailed information on these strategies visit

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Discover all the ways the Victory Canola Program can set you up for success with the 2023 Program Guide

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Protect Your Profits

Built-in Disease Resistance

Reduce risk. Maximize your return on investment. Defeat devastating diseases with VICTORY® canola.